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Land Surveying covers a broad range of services such as providing an accurate location of your property boundary or the levels of your land. To survey land is the measurement and mapping of the physical environment using specialised technology and equipment. Surveying land can help show you where your property boundary is located, it can show you the slope and contours of your property and it can also show you where your new development should be located.

State Surveys conducts land surveying in Adelaide and throughout South Australia to assist you with your development project or even for something as simple as installing a new fence on your property boundary.

Land surveyors help architects, engineers, and property developers in Adelaide but it also helps individual property owners on small and large projects. State Surveys uses satellite/drone imagery, GPS, laser scanners, total stations and mapping software to conduct surveying in Adelaide and throughout Australia.

Land Surveying in Adelaide

There are a number of different types of land surveyors throughout South Australia. You can speak to State Surveys about your land surveying requirements in Adelaide and we can recommend the type of land surveying that you will need to successfully carry out your development.

Cadastral Land Surveying (Boundary Surveying)

Cadastral Surveying is concerned with legal boundaries of ownership and the rights of a property. In South Australia, only a licensed surveyor may undertake a boundary survey or place a survey mark that defines a property boundary. Licensed Surveyors in South Australia are listed in the Government Gazette. State Surveys has licensed surveyors in-house to assist with your land surveying You can contact us to check that they are registered with the Surveyors Board of South Australia.

Engineering and Construction Land Surveying

Engineering and Construction surveying covers a broad scope of land surveying in Adelaide. An engineering surveyor is not necessarily licensed to conduct a cadastral survey in South Australia however have generally completed a certificate in surveying at a registered education provider.

Engineering and construction surveying could be a Topographical Survey (or level and detail survey) which shows the contours and other details of your site for planning and engineering design of your project. You may also want to know where underground pipes and services run on your property which an engineering surveyor can assist with.

A construction surveyor in Adelaide can also assist to mark out the proposed location of your building in terms of the concrete slab, internal and external walls, columns, retaining walls or almost anything you need to be referenced when constructing.

State Surveys can assist you with other areas of Surveying in Adelaide:

  • Land divisions (project management and surveying)
  • Easement Plans
  • Amalgamation Plans
  • Lease Plans
  • Strata Amendments
  • Torrens Title and Community Title Development
  • Road Plans

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For surveying in Adelaide, contact our experienced, flexible and professional team which includes Land Division and Property Development Consultants, Licensed and Engineering surveyors. With all of these services, we are able to provide you with expert advice and assistance on your next project. With over 200 years of combined experience in property development and land surveying in Adelaide, there is unlikely to be a job that we haven’t had experience with previously

Land Surveying

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