State Surveys

Contour Plans, Detail Surveys, Levels Surveys, Construction Set-outs

Engineering surveying covers a large scope of surveying work in South Australia. State Surveys has an experienced team of engineering surveyor to carry out the required work with accuracy and efficiency. 

Site Detail and Level Surveys

If you are proposing to undertake any development on your property we can conduct a contour and site detail survey providing you with details of slope, existing buildings, structures and trees.

Site detail and levels surveys are useful in any kind of property development. For example:

  • land division development,
  • high-rise construction,
  • building set out,
  • ‘as constructed’ surveys,
  • pipe line construction,
  • bore hole locations,
  • road development,
  • mining infrastructure

Construction and Engineering Surveys In Adelaide

A construction project goes nowhere without a surveyor being engaged to provide input to the planning, pre-construction, construction and post construction stage of the development. We can help you with surveys for road design, construction, piling and construction set-out, site establishment, As-Built confirmation, grids for building and earthworks control.

  • Topographical survey
  • Detail & Contour survey
  • Building set out
  • Road set out
  • Volume survey & calculations
  • Site Control
  • As-constructed Surveys