Boundary Surveys




Boundary Identification (re-marking of boundaries) Surveys

A Boundary Identification survey will provide you with peace of mind when contemplating re-fencing your property, building a new house or extending an existing house on or near the boundary.  As alloment sizes decrease through urban infill a large number of property owners, in order to maximise the use of their property, are building on their property boundary.  Most builders today will not commence building or erect structures without having the boundaries clearly marked.

The marking of property boundaries, for what ever purpose, is a task that can only be undertaken by a Licensed Surveyor.  Having your property boundaries correctly marked can avoid costly legal fees and long delays.

Ou team will provide you with an identification certificate showing where the true boundaries are in relation to your fences.  The certificate will also clearly delineate where our Licensed Surveyors have placed survey marks to assist you in re-locating the boundaries at a later date.


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