Joseph Feng

Joe Feng

Graduate Surveyor

Joe is a Graduate Surveyor at State Surveys and is currently under the supervision of Ruhi Afnan while working towards becoming a Licensed Surveyor in South Australia.

Joe started with State Surveys in March 2018 to further his knowledge of the surveying industry while completing his Masters of Surveying at the University of South Australia. In 2010 Joe completed a Bachelor of Surveying at the Anhui University of Science and Technology in China but has come to Australia to work towards becoming licensed in South Australia.

Previously Joe has worked as a Copper Mine Surveyor (China) and other surveying work including field work and engineering reports on existing buildings.

In Adelaide Joe volunteered on the Pinery Fire Project held by the Surveyors Board of South Australia to reinstate the boundaries in the area following the Pinery Fire.

Joe can be contacted to assist with interpretation of survey plans or if you need survey assistance with the ease of speaking in Mandarin.



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